Maintenance Tune-Ups

Our tune up agreement is an energy saving plan that reduces your energy consumption during the heating and cooling seasons.

From the tune up agreement the list below includes the cooling and
heating preventative maintenance checklist with the terms and conditions.

Air Condition Check

  1. Clean condenser coil
  2. Check and adjust blower components.
  3. Check operating pressures for proper refrigerant
  4. Check thermostat level
  5. Check safety controls
  6. Check all electrical connections
  7. Check voltage and amperage on motors
  8. Check condensate drain
  9. Lubricate all moving parts where necessary
  10. Check air flow
  11. Check starting capability of compressor

Heating Check

  1. Clean thermostat heating anticipators
  2. Inspect automatic blower control
  3. Oil and check the fan motor bearings
  4. Clean pilot light tubing & pilot (if possible
  5. Safety and efficiency check of low voltage wiring
  6. Check fan limit control switch
  7. Inspect electric shut – off valve
  8. Oil and check blower bearings
  9. Check fan on – off control and set differential
  10. Check transformer’s output
  11. Check thermostat contacts
  12. Check temp rise and do a carbon monoxide test on the heater/furnace to make sure it’s not leaking lethal carbon monoxide levels into living area

Terms & Conditions

  • Materials and labor not covered by warranty will be charged at regular rates less 15% customer discount
  • Repair Services request by the customer will be provided 8:00am – 5:00 pm, Mon – Sat.
  • No trip charge for service calls.
  • Purchase of all new air conditioning and heating equipment will include a 10% discount
  • This contract is transferable
  • This contract includes a 15% processing fee.

Suggestion: It is imperative to maintain and tune up air conditioning equipment. A new unit after one year needs maintenance to bring unit up to standard efficiency and maintained thereafter to keep efficiency high as original manufactured design.